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Prashanth Nagaraj

Woodi Peck's

Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka

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Coffee, undoubtedly is one of the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It has warmth to get you started in the morning and help you relax post work. India has its own share of coffee production. Traditionally, coffee has been an export-oriented commodity in India and most of the A-grade coffee used to get exported. Prashanth Nagaraj, a Software Engineer from Bangalore, came back to his hometown after a successful stint overseas and realized the difference in coffee served internationally as compared to India. Coming from a family of coffee producers, Prashanth realized that there was an opportunity to provide the best tasting coffee to Indians along with the necessary know-how of storing, brewing and enjoying coffee. That thought led to Woodpecker’s Coffee, a boutique coffee store. Born into a family of job-oriented professionals, it was not an easy decision for him to make. However, he enrolled himself in ‘Kaapi Shastra’ a government program to learn about the techno-commercial aspects of the business. Equipped with the know-how and a clear vision of making the best quality available within the country, Prashanth launched the store. He procured coffee from his family estate and the nearby farms and refrained from all urges to import. His boutique store helps customers buy the right kind of coffee by understanding their needs and recommending accordingly. The Super Premium and Woodi Peck’s Premium coffees are the best-selling products. At a young age of 34, Prashanth has already received accolades for his efforts and recognition in the Indian Coffee magazine published by the Coffee Board of India. He wants to reach out to as many people as possible, extending his knowledge about the health benefits of drinking coffee the right way. He believes in the pure form of coffee and is against additives unless necessary. A sip of Woodpecker’s coffee explains the rest.

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