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Ankur agarwal

Neenus Natural

Bengaluru, Karnataka

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What happens when a mom-son duo shares a passion for food and health and wants to share it with the world? Good things like Neenu’s Natural are born. ‘Aapke ghar ka khaana lajawaab hai, ise duniya ke saath baantiye’. "The food in your home is outstanding, please share it with the world" - Ankur and his mother Neenu would hear this from every guest that visited them. So, Neenu and Ankur - the Yoga and Ayurveda enthusiasts, took inspiration from those kind words and decided to create a range of food products. A range of foods for today's fast paced life that would surely send you down the memory lane. Food that will truly nourish your soul. Neenu’s Natural creates healthy snacking options, energy bars, mind-blowing masalas, pickles and sweets, all with our unique Neenu's twist. When you try our products, you will feel the honesty of our traditional heirloom recipes; and the flavour of the best, fresh hand-picked ingredients that make our products the only one you will want! And don't forget our secret ingredient - Mother's Love. Come savour our range of natural Sweets, Snacks, Energy bars, Masalas, Pickles and Spreads. We guarantee you a deliciously healthy and nostalgic experience that will stay with you forever. We accept orders online and deliver all across India. So, from our hearts to your homes, come indulge in some -Wholesome, Handcrafted, Happiness.

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