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Empower and Celebrate Creativity.

Dufa is India’s creative marketplace formed by three siblings under our company, Tripling Solutions Private Limited. Our mission is to empower local artists by providing them a platform to continue doing what they are good at and making their talent earn for them by simplifying the process of selling online. Our customers, who want something unique and one of a kind have no access to the million talented artists who are in fact struggling to sell their pieces of creativity and barely making ends meet even though there is a demand from our customers.

Our customers are tired of purchasing the run of the mill, mass produced items. Our creative customers are looking for something that defines them, keeping of course the current trends in mind. Our products are meant for people who are not just governed by branded tags but by the way the products look and make them feel. And what can be better than something that is handcrafted, handmade and truly personalized.

As a company, we are passionate about creativity and support and appreciate art in all its forms. By giving local artisans this platform, we envision Dufa to become the one-stop shop in India for handcrafted treasures for buyers to buy that special something which is extraordinary and made with love. Our goal is to create an eco-system, a community where artists can connect with another and with people who recognize and value art.

We stand for:

  • Empowering art & creativity in all its forms
  • Supporting our local community of artists
  • Making our Customers happy
  • Conserving the environment & natural resources
  • Taking initiatives for ecofriendly and sustainable practices

Be a part of our community and celebrate creativity with us! We say cheers here with filter coffee!

How it works?

Dufa is powered by a community of independent local artists, crafters and designers. It's a place where our customers can buy the most extraordinary, inspiring and personalized products directly from our local sellers who are passionate and amazingly creative. Dufa only allows creative, artistic products that are handcrafted, handmade or self designed.

Dufa is passionate about our creative sellers and customers and bridges the gap between the makers and buyers so creativity is accessible, celebrated and enjoyed. We do not own any warehouses, you as a customer place an order and the seller makes and ships it you. Dufa adds it’s creative touch by providing the right technology, a classy, sophisticated and secure platform, a perfect logistics partner and out of the box consulting & marketing tools to help our buyers and sellers.

Selling on Dufa

Dufa makes selling convenient so our creative sellers can sit back and do what they love doing without having to worry about the rest. Dufa has the platform and tools and will help you either start or scale your creative business to meet your goals. We at Dufa understand that each seller is different and is at different points in their creative journey, having his or her specific goals and staffing capacities. Dufa recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all and takes that extra step during onboarding so we can tailor and consult our sellers according to their need.

Want to get started at Dufa? It costs absolutely nothing to start with us and the onboarding time? under 5 minutes! So forget your woes and blues of boring onboarding, just curl up with a nice cup of coffee and click on the button below to know how easy it is sign up with us.

Buying on Dufa

Different customers have different needs. Dufa stands for individuality, creativity and uniqueness. Our customers have a creative mind, and we know they are here only to find something different that defines them, that which they did not find elsewhere. We make it easy to help find the perfect products you are looking for and to help you keep up with the current trends and shopping guides. We believe in making online shopping a wonderful experience for you, which is smooth, organized and personalized. Online shopping can’t get any better! So play some music, grab a throw, pour some coffee, click on the button below and start shopping!